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The Diet from Hell

19 Jun

If hell has a diet plan, it surely does not involve delicious things.

I met with a nutritionist at my doctor’s office a few months ago and I’ve been waiting to share the results until I was more comfortable and experienced with the change.

You’ll remember that I am already gluten free due to my Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis (the autoimmune disorder that causes my body to attack my thyroid when I eat gluten, which is very similar to what the thyroid produces).

When I started this journey I weighed about 175 pounds. And I’m 5’4″. I’m not ashamed to admit where I’ve been because I hope that by writing my experiences, you all will see that this way of living is possible for anyone.

But after having a more limited diet being GF, I really didn’t want to hear about more restrictions. Being GF, I had lost about 10-15 pounds, but I was plateauing.

The nutritionist was very knowledgeable about my Health Diagnostic’s Lab results and walked me through why my particular problems (including many cholesterol issues) would benefit from a change. And considering the mortality rate in this country from heart disease, I’d say it’s a good bet for most people!

But this is not a diet in the sense that this is temporary or a fad. This is a way of living.

Here are my goals:
– Limit starch to no more than 1x per week (this includes potatoes, rice, corn, pasta, bread and grains) Yes, corn is a grain. The exceptions to this rule include oatmeal, beans, sweet potatoes, and wild and brown rice, which I can have once a day in small amounts.
– Eliminate sugar (baked goods, candy, soda, juice, flavored coffees, ice cream, granola bars, etc.)
– Eat 1-2 handfuls of veggies at lunch and dinner
– Eat up to 2x fruit daily
– Eat at least one serving daily of nuts, olives/olive oil, or avocado

The basic template I was given includes:
Breakfast: 2-3 eggs (add veggies if desired) + 1 pc fruit or 1/2 c. cooked oatmeal
Lunch: Meat + veggies or salad; optional: fruit and/or fat (nuts, etc)
Dinner: Meat + veggies or salad + beans/wild rice, etc.; optional: fat
Snacks: Fat: olives, avocado, nuts

The plan also includes intense exercise 3 days a week, specifically body weight resistance, and 1-2 days a week walking.

I had a mild 3-year-old fit about all of this, cried because I didn’t want more limits, and it’s taken about three months to make any progress. But then I pulled up my big girl pants (which are slowly becoming too big) and decided to be an adult about it.

Beyond the fact that I was sick of being considered in the obese category (which is just crazy to me), I want to live a long, healthy life that is active and enjoyable!

The nutrition advice I received is similar to the Paleo Diet in many ways. When I was growing up I wanted to be a paleontologist and I’ve always been obsessed with pre-historic time and where we came from. So the idea of a way of thinking about food that really connected to our hunter-gatherer roots as beings, touched something in my soul. It fascinated me. Because we were never meant to live the way we live. We were never meant to consume what we consume. It’s not really food.

The change in my mindset began to sink in slowly. This lifestyle, it’s not about all the limits, all the restrictions; it’s about what we CAN eat and what we were meant to eat. When you put on blinders to the over-processed, over-sugared, artificial world we live in, it opens your eyes to the true beauty in food and the true beauty in this world.

I slowly began to really taste food.

I slowly began to see food as fuel and not an emotional escape or form of satisfaction.

The hardest part in all of it is giving up sugar. I was (and still am) addicted to sugar. It is a process and a daily decision, or maybe a daily battle. But it is an addiction.

The truth is, in the scheme of things, cutting down sugar intake and adjusting intake of other real foods, is not a big deal. It’s not the end of the world. It’s not even hell (I jested in the beginning for dramatic effect, but it really does feel that way at first).

After three months I’m down to 151 pounds and I feel so good about myself. I’ve always been heavier, no matter what I did, so this is huge for me. Life-changing. Encouraging.

I’m sure you’re tired of reading by now, so I’ll share some more in detail about actual food details and struggles another day.

I’ve also got to tackle the whole exercise part. It was a huge change for me with food. And add to that the fact that my boss resigned shortly after all this and I’ve been literally drowning at work for months, and it’s been a crazy time around here. So the exercise is my next focus.

Oh and I start a new job in two weeks…!!

Until then, take a risk, challenge yourself, be brave, be encouraged. You can do this!