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Health Matters: Door to Door Organics

26 Sep


Part of any healthy lifestyle involves lots of fruits and vegetables. And since I am incapable of growing my own (due to relentlessly awful city squirrels), I’ve been thinking about joining a CSA to get local produce delivered to my door.

1. I barely have time to get milk at the grocery store, let alone spend 30 minutes in the produce section.

2. I’ve been wanting to go organic/local for fresh fruit and meat.

3. I’ve been spending a lot more time in the perimeter of the grocery store anyway.

4. It doesn’t cost that much more!

I choose Door to Door Organics after seeing their ads on Facebook and checking out their website. They offer boxes for two people all the way up to a large family. I chose the second tier, cause we eat a lot of fruit especially and I want to cook more.
I paid $41 (after a $10 first-timer coupon). You can make substitutions based on your preferences (up to 5) and they also have a store where you can shop for dairy, bread and tons of other stuff!

So please picture my giddy self checking the front porch every 30 minutes like a kid on Christmas yesterday when my first box was due to arrive. They deliver from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

My box arrived at 5:30. It was a LONG day! 🙂

I told my son it was a present and he helped me open it. He was so excited!


Here’s what we got:

(1) Potatoes, Mixed 1LB (Local)
(2) Bananas
(2) Red Tomato
(1) Green Leaf Lettuce
(1) bag Carrots, Baby 1LB
(1) Celery
(1) Broccoli bunch
(1) Mango
(2) Pomegranate
(3) Jonagold Apples
(1) bag Grapes, Red Seedless 1LB

(2) Sweet Potato (Yam), small – $1.58
(1) 1lb Qaswa Ranch – Ground Beef – $5.99
(1) 8 oz Organic Prairie – Pork Hardwood Smoked Bacon – $6.99


It’s really hard for me to stay motivated cooking after one or two days in the week (I know! But I work A LOT…), so the box’s arrival on a Wednesday is the perfect incentive to cook and eat out less on the weekends, too. I even roasted some of those delicious organic vegetables last night to go with our grass-fed beef burgers. Grass-fed beef is leaner and drier, but I was happy knowing that my cow lived a nice life.


I can’t wait to see what’s in next week’s box!

Here’s to investing in health, friends!