2012 Fall Wreath

1 Oct

If I had to choose between the expansive modern mansion of Cameron Diaz and quaint cottage in the English countryside of Kate Winslet in The Holiday, I would always, always choose the cottage. Probably no surprise there. I love cottages, which is why I needed to bring a little nature into my fall wreath this year.

I spent about $25 on this wreath because I had the foam wreath base from last year. I wrapped it in $8 moss from Hobby Lobby (you could use a coupon if you were more prepared than I), and P.S. mark which side is the back because I swore I was wrapping all the same way and then ended up with seams on both sides. Der! Then bought a yard of burlap (I’ve got tons left) to make the base for the feathers. Simply make tubes of burlap with hot glue and pin them in an “s” shape. There are some whole wreaths done that way but I wanted more.

Then I added some guinea feathers, a small pumpkin and long feathers that were 40% off in the fall decor section of Hobby Lobby. The perfect accent were peacock feathers, because, well, everything is better with peacock feathers.

Happy fall everyone! I can’t wait to see your wreaths. ‘Tis the best season of the year!

Check out the Pinterest Challenge at: www.younghouselove.com


One Response to “2012 Fall Wreath”

  1. megan October 31, 2012 at 7:55 pm #

    It looks awesome…I need to see it in person! Well done, friend! Thanks for linking it up at my party. 🙂

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